Grandkids, Babysitters, & Guests


Guests - Daily guests must check in with the Pool Manager upon arrival. Adult children of members are considered guests. Guest Fee is $10+ per person per day billed to host member. Guests 4 & Under, complimentary. Non-members are allowed to be guests at the pool twice monthly.

Baby Sitters - Register your babysitter with the Receptionist in the Clubhouse to receive your complimentary pool pass. They must provide a photo ID. Babysitters must be with your children to use Bentwood facilities.

Grandkids - Complimentary accompanied passes are available from the Receptionist for your ‘out of town’ grandkids. ‘In town’ passes may be purchased for accompanied or unaccompanied grandkids. Pricing is based on quantity.

All children ages 9 and under must be accompanied by an adult or a guardian 14 years of age or older.

Amen Corner & Live Oak Veranda

Amen Corner & the Live Oak Veranda are OPEN for business. The Wood Fired Pizza is a home run and is getting rave reviews!!

Bentwood Pickleball

Bentwood has one of the strongest Pickleball programs in the country. If you are not familiar with it drop by and check out this easy, fun and popular game!
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Dues Inclusive of Cart Fees

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