Junior Tennis Fall 2017

Bentwood Tennis Fall 2017 Junior Lesson Programming
Please contact the Pros to find the group that is right for you! 949-1534

JR. TENNIS LESSONS with QuickStart!
Junior Tennis Lessons are designed for the beginner to intermediate-level junior tennis players ages 5-12 years. Participants can expect to learn basic stroke mechanics, coordination skills, keeping score, match-play, etc. This group teaches the FUNdamentals while keeping the kids entertained with fun and games. We use the USTA’s popular QuickStart curriculum which scales down the court and uses pressure-less balls so kids can actually learn what it means to play tennis! Groups are structured by the ball type/court size, red ball, orange ball and green dot ball to coincide with the USTA Quickstart program. This better develops the players and during the groups they will be asked at time to be mentors to the younger players and get the opportunity to be challenged by the older players/ball type.


When: Mondays &/or Wednesdays
Little Lobbers (red ball): Ages 5-7 - 4:00-5:00p
Cost: 1day/wk $50men/$60non session, 2days/wk $90men/$110/non session
          Walk-up $15/mem/day,$18/non/day

Ragin’ Rackets (orange ball): Ages 8-10 - 4:30-5:30pm
Jr. Competition Group (green ball): Ages 10+ 4:30-5:30pm
Cost: 1day/wk sessions $55men/$65non, 2days/wk sessions $95men/$115/non
          Walk-up $15/mem/day,$18/non/day
Signup is 7 days in advance for sessions, otherwise daily rates apply. Minimum of 3 kids for class to make. RR & JC includes Sat Morning Practices if they choose to play.
Sessions are 4 weeks:
I: Aug 21-Sept 14     II: Sept 18-Oct 12     III: Oct 16-Nov 9     IV: Nov 13-Dec 14
FMI or to sign up contact: 949-1534 or zackjohnson725@gmail.com or courtney.bentwood@gmail.com


ACADEMY Group: Tues & Thurs 5:30-7:00 This group is for the competitive middle school and high school players. We will drill fundamentals as well as have situational and match play. Must talk to Pro to get into Class.
Contact Kaysie to sign up kaysie.bentwood@gmail.com
Sign up deadline 7 days in advance (min of 4 kids for the class to make.)
2 Days a week: $140member / $150non mem session
1 Day a week: $80 / $95 session
Drop in $20 / $25 daily rate
Sessions are 4 weeks:
I: Aug 21-Sept 14     II: Sept 18-Oct 12     III: Oct 16-Nov 9     IV: Nov 13-Dec 14


ATTENDANCE POLICY for all Groups: In order to keep the groups well-structured we will be asking for monthly sign-up and payment at the beginning of the month. There will be an additional charge for walk-ups. In the case of child’s absence, if the staff is informed 24-hours in advance, make-ups will be permitted. In the case of rain, extreme weather, illness make-ups can transfer to the next session with pro approval.

Sat Morning Informal Junior Practice
This fall we will bring back Saturday informal practice starting at 10 am. We want to encourage all of our kids from Orange Ball and Up to come out and get some match play in. Cost is free to all students signed up for the 4wk-session tennis program & $10 a month for everyone else. We will have someone on staff around to put kids on courts, assign matches and answer questions that might come up in a match. Therefore weekly sign up is required by Thursday evening and will be online. We will keep track of matches played using a program called Global Tennis Network. To get started and get an online account for Sat. sign up and ladder play email Jason at 10sprep@gmail.com.


Amen Corner & Live Oak Veranda

Amen Corner & the Live Oak Veranda are OPEN for business. The Wood Fired Pizza is a home run and is getting rave reviews!!

Bentwood Pickleball

Bentwood has one of the strongest Pickleball programs in the country. If you are not familiar with it drop by and check out this easy, fun and popular game!
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Dues Inclusive of Cart Fees

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